Hey all.

I'm new! i go by rokki!found this community thx to ilovehoppus008!
I just wanted to say that the aquabats are coming to town. in AZ. for all the arizonians...IS THAT A WORD? you can find more about it at. xazconcertsx on lj.

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Hey out there. I had a quick question. I just relocated to the bay-area and I was curious if any fellow bay area skankers out there could point me in the direction of any good ska shows they know of? I'm dying to go to a live show and I can't seem to find any. Thanks a bunch!
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HEY FELLOW SKA LOVERS! i havent posted in here in like forever, im one of the mods for those that dont know :)
how goes it for you all?
well let me tell you i did and i will post pics for you guys soon but keep on posting and talking about ska.
and for those of you who did go to the shows, talk about them! i dont want this community to die.

<3 much love
happiest of happys
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Hello, I've just joined.
I sincerely enjoying skanking and skatting (that is to say, scatting, except it's cooler with a k cause scat means feces).
I'm sixteen and I hail from the Boston area.
I'm working on amassing a veritable collection of CDs so that I may be legit, but for now, I just borrow my brother's cause he leaves them at home.
So greetings. Oh yeah, my name's Katie. Pleased to meet you all.

when I was young I knew everything.

Update from the computer lab....

It's official!

I'm selling my Dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop.

It's not broken or anything, it's actually brand new - and I've had it for about 5 days.

To make a long story short, my old laptop broke and Dell sent me a brand new computer, but I've decided that I want to switch to a Powerbook instead.

-Intel Pentium MProcessor 760
-15.4 inch WSXGA + LCD Panel
-512 MB, DDR2, 400MHz 1 Dimm
-80 GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
-8X DVD+/-RW Drive
-Intel PRO/Wireless 2200
-53 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Battery

I paid $1900 for an Inspiron 5160... and they upgraded it to a 6000 when I did a system exchange. (To make a long story short, my computer got "fixed" by a technician, and he didn't put it back together right and it [literally] melted inside. So Dell had to replace it.)

So what about $1800? ...price is negotiable.

Again, This computer is the replacement computer to my old one. It's a brand new computer, not even a week old. There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with it, I am just looking to purchase a powerbook... and can't afford it without selling this one.

Feel free to message me on here or to send me an instant message on "badalisays".
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